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Pysparse is a fast sparse matrix library for Python. It provides several sparse matrix storage formats and conversion methods. It also implements a number of iterative solvers, preconditioners, and interfaces to efficient factorization packages. Both low-level and high-level interfaces are available, each with different strengths. The only requirement to install and use Pysparse is Numpy. Be sure to check the Documentation for examples.

Projects Using Pysparse

  • FiPy: A Finite-Volume PDE Solver for Python
  • NLPy: A Nonlinear Programming Environment in Python
  • SfePy: Simple Finite Elements in Python
  • If you use Pysparse, please let us know!


The complete documentation is also available in PDF format.

Get Pysparse

Pysparse is available in source form from SourceForge directly from the Git repository using

  git clone git://
or from the Python Package Index:
  pip install numpy
  pip install pysparse